Mental Health Care for All

Family Development and Intervention services


Family Development and Intervention Services (FDIS) has been providing quality home, school based and in-office mental health services to the Oklahoma City metro since 2000. We are devoted to providing client-centered care in low-income communities and continue to partner with other organizations to impact families in a positive way.




“We are here for you.”


Life can be a struggle- family, parenting, work- life, disability, or involvement with the child welfare or correctional systems are common reasons people seek counseling services. No matter the issues you are facing, we will support you as you develop new understandings and strategies to make it through. FDIS is here to help with provision of resources and treatment opportunities. We are here for you.

Photo by: Leslie Kershaw

Photo by: Leslie Kershaw


Services are designed to help individuals and their families find ways to improve their ability to be productive, cope with life’s problems, and have fulfilling relationships. Our services provide people with new skills to deal with challenges, reduce conflicts and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our Licensed Mental Health Professionals are educated, experienced and trained to assist children, teens and adults using clinical best practices. We provide individualized client-centered treatment to promote full recovery.